Your radio planning network in the Cloud

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ATDI reinvents collaborative radio planning and spectrum management in ICS manager, ICS telecom, ICS designer and ICS LT. Your radio planning networks now can be stored in your Cloud space in MS SQL format.
There are 2 exchange tables available for your convenience : STATIONx64 for parameters of the stations and their coverage and MWx64 for microwave links. Data is organized and stored by project, in order to allow collaborative work between all the actors of any radio network planning project, stations management project or spectrum study.

Cloud functions:

  • Creation of the project 
  • Data download 
  • Data storage 
  • Data visualization 
  • Data export XML 
  • Data export EWF 
  • Filters (geographical or technical parameters)

This option is available via your ICS online access. Contact us for more information.

Cloud ICS online

Cloud mwx64

Cloud station x64

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