HTZ and ICS now support UHD 2k/4k

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Guide de constitution d’un dossier COMSIS pour un site LTE 800 MHz avec ICS telecom
(Applicable à compter du 2 décembre 2013)


. Import des fichiers TVD CSA (link)
. Réémetteurs potentiellement impactés
. Communes potentiellement impactées
. ITU-R 419 et polarisation circulaire
. Mise à jour automatique des champ médian minimum (GE06)
. ITU 525 + diffraction Deygout (94)
. Fichiers communes disponible en téléchargement
. Filtre de réjection NFD TNT_LTE.NFD
. Simulation d’impacts
. Rapport C/I (ECC 148)
. Carte représentant pour le multiplex le plus impacté, les risques de
brouillages en saturation et distinguant par 2 couleurs les installations passives
des installations actives.
. carte représentant pour le multiplex le plus impacté, les risques de
brouillage en rapport de protection (PR).
. cartes par site (jusqu'à 0.70 m de précision)

Guide de constitution d’un dossier COMSIS pour un site LTE 800 MHz

Geoportals in ICS and HTZ (geocoding "on the fly"):

. New-Zealand (Topo)
. United kingdom (Topo)
. Germany (Topo)
. Austria (Topo, Ortho)
. France (Topo, Ortho, Cadaster, Plan)
. Italy (Topo)
. Czech Republic (Topo, Ortho)
. Belgium (Topo)
. Spain (Topo, Ortho)
. Portugal (Topo)
. Catalunya (Topo)
. Norway (Plan, Topo)
. Sweden (Plan, Topo)
. Poland (Plan, Topo, Ortho, Cadaster)
. USA (Topo)
. South-Africa (Ortho)
. Lithuania (Ortho)
. Denmark (Ortho)
. Here maps (Topo, Ortho, Relief, hybrid)
. Google map (Topo, Ortho, hybrid)
. Bing map (Topo, Ortho, hybrid)
. Open street map (Topo)
. MapQuest (Topo)
. World topo (Topo, Ortho)

New data formats:
. Exchange formats (XML, SQL)
. Digital map formats (DTM/Clutter/Building tiles)

New propagation model:

Standard-RM: The ultimate propagation model Now released!

Windows XP:
Windows XP support has been removed. ICS and HTZ are no longer compatible with Windows XP.
Contact us for a CRIL ELLIPSE and LS SPECTRA competitive offer!

New planning function:
Automatic network planning based on target points or population to cover / overlap.

New map tools:
Transform Clutter and Buildings, Clutter map builder, ASTER GDEM and SRTM builder
Free DTM access (20 m USA, 25 m Europe, 50 m other areas)
Free Clutter (builder) (20 m USA, 25 m Europe, 250 m other areas)

White-Space Device Calculation and Database:

TVWS availability calculation
DTT protected area maps
Available Spectrum maps
WSD channel and power assignment
WSD vs DTT interference calculation
Online WSDB
Web services
Cloud storage
Online Maps (WMTS)
White-space device database
Available channels and Power levels
Multiple scenarios
WSDB Cloud and web hosting
Deterministic and statistical models...

More information about White-Spaces

ATDI to deliver spectrum management solutions for World Games and FIFA Worldcup:

ATDI along with a consortium led by its Brazilian partner, ISOFREQ Telecomunicações e Sistemas LTDA (ISOFREQ), have successfully completed the initial delivery of contracts valued at USD $12 million to Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (ANATEL), the national spectrum authority of Brazil. ATDI, Inc. and ISOFREQ are in the process of implementing a next generation spectrum management solution for ANATEL, in anticipation of the upcoming world games. Read more

New broadcast fees in Poland:

ICS telecom includes now a fee calculation module.
New Polish Broadcast fees (2014 law) are now supported, including comparison with the existing law.

Read more


Vietnam Mobile choosed ATDI’s mobile network optimization solution:

Vietnam Mobile Telecom Services Corporation (‘VMS’) awarded ATDI for VMS’s 2G/3G mobile network optimization and audit project in Hanoi.
991 DCS cells
2 334 GSM cells with at least 4 TRX/cell
5 664 3G cells, 2 carriers

ATDI has teamed up with a local partner, TTCI in Vietnam to undertake A to Z network optimization process.
ATDI and TTCI jointly proposed VMS an efficient and cost effective network optimization solution using ICS designer.

ATDI is going to undertake the following tasks during the project in collaboration with TTCI:

- Drive test and verification of current network using TEMS and NEMO
- SW and HW parameters modification to improve quality of voice and data service in accessibility, retainability, integrity and coverage expansion with lower interference
- Indoor/Outdoor coverage and interference problem detection and optimization
- KPI analysis to improve network performance and 2G and 3G network interworking
- New site searching in order to improve traffic capacity
- The flexible measurement data importation capability in ICS designer allows VMS’s field measurement equipment, NEMO and TEMPS.

ATDI’s team has settled in Hanoi in July and successfully launched the project.
Thanks to the enhanced capabilities in ICS designer for 2G to 4G mobile network planning, audit and optimizing, ATDI has recently awarded several contracts for LTE, GSM/GSM-R and WiMAX around the world.

More information about ICS designer

More information about ATDI radio planning and network optimization

About TTCI:

PKP Polish railways:

ATDI successfully completed the radio planning for GSM-R railway lines included in the European Railway Traffic Management System ERTMS in Poland (7 500 km)

The European Railway System ERTMS in Poland includes 15 000 km of railway lines. The main objective of this project was to perform the radio planning for GSM-R system of almost 7 500 km railway lines, divided into 2 stages according to schedule of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment No. 7.1-36 and 7.1-37.

. Radio planning
. Environmental analysis (human hazard, Natura 2000)
. Technical analysis
. Traffic analysis
. Frequency planning (including cross-border coordination - HCM)
. Interference analysis
. Optimization
. Report

This project was performed using Prospective planning and Route planning functions included in ICS designer as well as our new Frequency assignment engine.


More information about ATDI radio planning and network optimization
More information about ICS designer

About PKP: