ICS manager now features full support for DVB-T2

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ATDI announces full support for DVB-T2 in ICS manager – a continuous commitment to bring all-in-one Automated Spectrum Management System to regulation authorities

ATDI is pleased to announce full support for DVB-T2 in ICS manager to the regulation arena. This reflects ATDI’s willingness to bring the most up-to-date and comprehensive Automated Spectrum Management Platform featuring all functions required to deal with process handled by regulation authorities. This includes notification, coordination, licensing operational management, monitoring, CRM, billing, as well as support for all services and advanced radio technologies implemented around the world.

ICS manager now integrates the following features for DVB-T2:

  • New and additional modulation schemes
  • Extension from 2k-8k to 16k and 32k FFT size
  • Implementation of corresponding guard interval tables
  • Possibility to notify DVB-T2 assignments (Article 5 of GE06) using GB1 notice
  • Export to ITU file; the notice generated will be checked for missing or invalid information
  • Import of notices

ICS manager complements ICS telecom, the most comprehensive radio planning solution that supports all radio technologies including planning and optimization functions for DVB-T2.

About ICS manager

ICS manager is the most comprehensive spectrum management platform on the market. It amply meets the current and future needs of regulators in all areas related to spectrum management and control, while allowing fast ramp-up and quick user adoption.

ICS manager is a powerful performance and productivity management tool that provides spectacular improvements of Key Performance Indicators, such as:

  • Reducing application processing time
  • Reducing the data errors and inconsistencies
  • Enabling the implementation of quality systems
  • Simplifying and automating workflows
  • Increasing the productivity of various processes severalfold
  • Increasing employee job satisfaction and morale

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