AVS live

State-of-the art video asset management and delivery platform
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AVS live is the state-of-the art video asset management and delivery platform of the Interactive TV publishing division of ATDI, a renowned editor of software solutions with roots in the broadcast industry.

With the growth of online video consumption, whether via web browsers, mobile phones, tablets, or IP-enabled TVs or set-top boxes, new business models are emerging, as well as new ways of targetting, segmenting, and engaging an audience.

If you have video content that you would like to distribute online, whether

  • live or on-demand,

  • in HD, SD, and adaptive streaming

  • to a web browser, tablet, IP-enabled TV, or to mobile phones

  • free or associated to a revenue model (ad-supported, subscription-based, pay per view, or other)

  • associated to advanced features (multiple camera views, clickable assets, zooming features, rich-media enabled, shopping options)

  • integrated with your production facilities, in the case of broadcasters


AVS LIVE features

  • multiple video broadcasting/adaptive streaming

  • unlimited video streams

  • custom features (catalog, slide show, video inserts, text, links)

  • video content synchronization

time-coded rich media (pictures, audio, text, ads

  • views in full screen or window display

  • video chaptering, playlist

  • high video resolution: up to 1080p

  • zoom in video function: up to 4k (Red camera)

  • zoom in picture

upload of any digital content

  • upload of commercial information


  • viral marketing with links to Facebook, Twitter

  • multiple languages (captions, audio tracks)

  • statistics

AVS LIVE statistics

  • Content watched by view/download

  • Number of views by content and individual bit rate if adaptive streaming is activated

  • Geo localization, audience measurement by geographical locations (country, area, city, postal code)

  • Number of connections per hour and date

  • User’s Internet bandwidth

Customization of the report according to specific demands (if required)

  • Filtering

  • Streaming measurement AQA (Average Quarter Audience)

Cumulative duration of viewing 
Amount of data viewed

  • Duration of viewing by session

  • Percentage of views

  • Number of sessions

  • Number of completed sessions

  • Number of unique visitors

  • Total duration of viewing

  • Client-side or server-side mode

Download graphic example here

AVS LIVE has a very user friendly back office that allows to cut administration and development costs. After logging in with login and password, simply upload all video, photo or text information in order to customize diffusion of the event. It is easy to upload, change and delete content at anytime as well as add time coded rich media inserts.



Chroniques de l'Ambassadeur
Monthly TV emission dedicated to Polish presidency of the EU Council


CFDT congress
32 hours of LIVE diffusion


Porsche Panamera advertising campaign
Interactive 3D Cube


"20 ans d'Antenne" of Thierry Ardisson
time coded archive and video contents


exhibition of Edouard de Pazzi
i-space - new form of interactive art presentation
interactive touch video terminal in art galery


Ciné Lycée by France Télévision
Creation of online video player and DRM management


Prix Constantine Music Awards 2009
Presse conference and resultats diffusion


BNP Paribas Masters for the Federation Française de Tennis
web radio


Agnès B - Spring/Summer 2009
interactive video with e-shopping