ATDI webinar: frequency planning

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This event will focus on how spectrum users and regulators can ensure they make best use of their resources, something which can only be achieved through correct application of regulations, coordination with other users and in their choice of technology. Webinar will demonstrate the features and functions of the spectrum assignment engine within ICS telecom and HTZ warfare, ATDI’s flagship planning tools.

The webinar will include:

  • Determining what parts of a band can be used and coordination rules
  • Identifying how to set up a frequency allocation list, group, band & plans
  • Understanding how to setup assignment logic rules within the assignment engine
  • Creating and using wanted/unwanted coverage predictions and their role in the assignment process
  • Outlining process to test the ‘applicability’ of an assignment result

Recommended target audience: radio planning engineers, spectrum managers and national regulators who manage spectrum assignment.

Date: Thursday 23 May 2013
Time: 10am GMT
Target audience: Invitation only
Method: Online webinar

Space is limited. Please contact Darja Scanikova to book your seat.

frequency planning

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